Integrated Mosquito Management for Job Sites

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The IMM Advantage

The engineering, construction, and development industries are an integral part of this country’s economy and develops infrastructure for all facets of life such as commercial, residential, industrial, and more. Often these sites are open from dawn to dusk, with employees and clients spending most of their time outdoors, leaving them particularly vulnerable to mosquito bites and vector-borne diseases. Not only that, battling mosquitoes all day can be a huge distraction to workers, taking focus away from their work while using heavy machinery and performing tasks. This can further put their safety at risk and sometimes prevent you from finishing construction in time for your deadline.

Download our free educational one-sheet to get the full rundown on how implementing a comprehensive, science-based mosquito management program can make your job site a nicer and safer place to work!

Protecting Public Health

The safety of your workers is of utmost importance to us, and we can help protect them from these nuisance pests. Complete the form to have one of our experts contact you about developing a custom IMM program tailored to your job site's needs.



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