Integrated Mosquito Management for Industrial Facilities

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The IMM Advantage

Industrial facilities such as factories, refineries, power plants, shipyards, etc have many facilities that feed, power, and clothe the world. Often these locations are operational 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and can present employees with challenging working conditions indoors and outdoors. Mosquitoes can add another complex challenge to your business, making workers and customers vulnerable to mosquito bites and vector-borne disease, endangering public health, leaving employees upset, and possibly leading to hurt revenues. 

Download our free educational one-sheet to get the full rundown on how implementing a comprehensive, science-based mosquito management program can make your facility a nicer and safer place to work!

Protecting Public Health

We can help keep your facility safe and free of these nuisance pests so that your colleagues can have peace of mind while working on site. Complete the form to have one of our experts contact you about developing a custom IMM program tailored to your work site's needs.



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